InTec – Innovative Facility Optimization

InTec is an innovative company that provides comprehensive services and technology-driven facility management solutions for single site and multi-site facilities.

InTec offers optimized solutions that enhance your existing staff while improving your facility’s standard of care and your bottom-line.

InTec serves healthcare, education, government, commercial and industrial clients throughout the United States.

Why InTec?

We know there is a widening gap between the seasoned facility managers and the time when emerging talent will be experienced and prepared for the demands of their facilities.  Our purpose, bridges the widening gap; recognizing and preserving their seasoned intellectual capital and procedural expertise into technology driven efficient outcomes that accelerates the learning curve of tomorrow’s facility manager.

InTec closes the circle by creating intimate work groups that match clients’ needs, our Brand Partners abilities and your facility requirements.  
Over the past decade we’ve helped shape cities across the U.S., serving our clients in the healthcare, education, government, and commercial/industrial market sectors.