Alachua County Jail Upgrades Chiller

With a new approved budget from Alachua County, Climate Control Mechanical Services finally began work on the change out of many rooftop units with boilers at the the Alachua County jail.

While the facility remained occupied, the entire crew removed the existing facility’s (78) DX rooftop units with (16) boilers and began the new replacement (76) chilled water roof mounted air handing units.   The entire jail will be served by a high efficiency Systecon chiller plant, with new boilers providing heated hot water.  Solar panels are also being installed as supplementary heating for the domestic hot water.

“All controls for the facility are being upgraded to better manage the energy usage.  We are projecting that these changes will save approximately $400,000 in energy usage at the facility.” said Rob Boyer, Vice President of Operations for Climate Control Mechanical Services.

The entire upgrade for the Alachua County Jail Chiller is expected to be complete this summer.