Innovative Facility Optimization

InTec Connect joins your business with the four faucets of success:

  • Building
  • People
  • Process
  • Product

We help your building work for you.

InTec: Providing Innovated Facility Optimization

InTec Connect offers a full line of services to maintain and or repair your facility, no matter the problem or the size. Connect with us today to see how our line of services and product experts can save you time, energy and keep your facility running smoother. InTect Connect: the behind the scenes partner for all of your facility’s needs.

We help your building work for you.


Building Services

Comprehensive Industrial and Commercial Building solutions.


Facility Controls

Simplifying the complex world of networking, cabling and low voltage components.


HVAC Services

Complete Mechanical and HVAC solutions through Service on Demand and Predictive Maintenance.


Power Services

Complete low voltage and medium voltage electrical solutions for power systems and energy savings.


Plumbing Services

Industrial, Commercial and Multi-family plumbing solutions.